Flash Backs

flash backs

Most weddings have a photographer, but what happens when the photographer leaves just as the party is getting started? We have just the solution- a photo booth!

As a guest at a wedding, we are sometimes lucky to know most of the people there however quite often we don’t. Jo, our Seven Mile functions coordinator, saw an opportunity to bring guests together through good times and laughter with take-home pictures to serve as mementos of your special occasion. 

Flashbacks is a light weight, retro style open air photo booth that will capture those unforgettable moments that both you and your guests will cherish for years to come. 

The studio quality lighting and DLSR camera will ensure you leave with clean and crisp images and our equipment will be set up and packed away for you leaving you free to attend to other important aspects of your special day. 

Please contact Jo on 0447 666 547 for more information xx