Bring out your most beautiful self with Kaye Adam Hair & Makeup

Bring out your most beautiful self with Kaye, beautiful hair and make up that will have your inner goddess glowing with over 25 years experience in the wedding industry. Kaye Adam offers a bespoke warm hearted experience using cruelty free and earth friendly products.

She creates hair and make up looks for a beautiful relaxed bride, classic wedding hair and make up styles, contemporary and vintage looks. all flawless and natural and will make you feel beautiful, confident, the gorgeous bride you are beautiful hair and make up should enhance and accentuate your best features so that you feel natural and like yourself, as you shine for the camera create you most beautiful version of your bridal hair and make up, share you ideas and take inspiration to create your most magical day.

Below are a few Q & A’s for Kaye Adam, our Preferred Partner Wedding specialist.

  1. What good advice would you give to a new bride about her special day?

There are so many ways I advise my clients i love to cover all aspects and find out as much as possible to cover there day.

Firstly,  I offer a full consultation which is normally over the phone, we cover the whole style of there wedding for me to be able to create the look to go with there wedding, this gives me all the information to create and advise on their overall look that I will create for their wedding day i.e. hair styles, florals, what will work on there hair, advice on options of hair buns, hair extensions and accessories, taking in consideration weather and humidity, especially if it is a client eloping to here as they may not be familiar with our weather, so I can advise the best style to last all day.

I always ask who they have booked for other services, so they let all the other vendors know who we are working with. I also cover all the timings with the other vendors to take the stress off running late, so we allocate enough time i.e. photos and time to get in outfits.

Very major advice is the last 30 mins go way to quick so we always allow more time to get ready to avoid the stress and hectic last minute rush. I advise them to send me photos and inspiration of dresses, colours, florals etc to really get a visual look of there type of wedding. I always offer advice in all areas of there wedding if they need support or help and offer to recommend other suppliers if they are still looking for them.

  1. What is the most popular service or product you offer?

I use cruelty free, earth friendly products they give a real natural result but a good coverage I do a lot of clients that don’t wear any or much make up so my products are light and I get a lot of comments on the feel of my products I use on there skin and they love them. i do a lot of bohemian style weddings soft make up and boho hair but I love doing any style I love the day its such a beautiful happy day always love being a part of there special day.

  1. What is the best inclusion in a ceremony or reception you have ever seen?

I don’t really get to go to the ceremonies with doing hair and make up but for a day bride to take the stress off one of the best inclusions is to be able to set up the day before or get family and friends to help set up rather than have the bride do it on the day. But if it is a venue and they offer the set up this really helps with timing and less stress. Also a venue that offers an indoor ceremony back up is a great add on cover/back up.

  1. What is the most important thing a bride/s & groom/s asks you when discussing her/his/their special day?

Will my make up and hair last all day? This is where my full consultation comes in as stated above to cover this. As my clients don’t wear a lot of make up I get asked if it will be really heavy – so I explain my products and their results and how natural they are but full coverage.

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